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By Jamie Cooper, May 17 2020 04:48PM

I thought that I would include a picture of the pen drawing before the wash: This is on 140lb watercolour paper size A3.

A pen and wash of someone looking out from Bacton Wood towards Ebridge Mill.

Completed in dip pen & ink & then washed over with watercolour.

By Jamie Cooper, May 9 2020 09:04PM

Part of Sea-Palling, a village near to where I live. I wanted to sketch this for the past two weeks from reference photos I took before the lock-down. Just gotten around to it today. Dip-pen & ink + biro on A3 watercolour paper 140lb. Sketch free-hand after laying in a couple of pencil guidelines.

By Jamie Cooper, Apr 27 2020 03:52PM

Luckily I have loads of photo reference which I have previously taken before lock down. From one of these I produced this pen sketch of an old Barn on a backroad near Sea Palling - which is about 7 miles from where I live. I had a couple of hitches with this one - including a large ink spill which I had to scrap out and luckily hardly notices in the finished work.

Dip-pen & ink & biro on A3 140lb watercolour paper.

By Jamie Cooper, Apr 25 2020 05:24PM

Don't you just love the fact that there are lanes and roads out there which you have yet to explore? And around each corner may be yet another adventure? My latest Norfolk skyline sketch of a road close to where I live in North Walsham. I named it "Big Brother because of the little- emerging tree in the foreground which is trying to live up to the expectations of the old, wiser tree behind.

Dip-pen & Ink on A3 140lb watercolour paper - plus biro and a noodler's fountain pen which I lost half-way through.

By Jamie Cooper, Mar 5 2020 09:03PM

At first glance there appears to be very little pen & ink work in this drawing - over a watercolour background. But looks can be deceiving sometimes. The main tree and mid-line, is ink applied by a dip-pen. The background trees are done using the same dip-pen & black ink but a lighter touch. The extremities of these almost lightly stippled & then the line slightly longer as their bases fade into the mist. The foreground soil effect is made up from layers using pen lines and splattered ink from an old toothbrush. The birds are there becasue this splatter slightly backfired and so I created them out of the spots. Then a piece of tissues was lightly wiped over the surface before the ink on the ground had finished drying. In all there is probably more ink in this picture than the watercolour which underlays it.

By Jamie Cooper, Mar 1 2020 08:44PM

The canopy created by trees is as cathartic to walk through as is a Cathedral. In some respects more-so as a Cathedral is a poor imitation of the overhead arching of trees in a forest.

Dip-pen & ink & watercolour wash.

By Jamie Cooper, Feb 28 2020 01:24PM

Another dip-pen & ink on a watercolour background.

Wonder how many travellers have broken bread or passed a while under his old tree. Maybe the track will be less used and the tree will enroach more onto the track and prosper. But more likely it will be cut back further and the track developed to become a road. But for now it survies.

By Jamie Cooper, Feb 22 2020 09:43PM

I accidentally came across this gate and tree at the back of an old house whilst on a walk. And I became intrigued as the gateway didn't lead to anything and it didn't look like it led anywhere. So I started to imagine the people who originally used it and the use they might have made out of a gateway which went to nowhere.

By Jamie Cooper, Aug 16 2019 02:10PM

Sometimes you come across those places at just the right time - when the light falls softly with no disturbance. And you wish that you could dwell there a lot longer, knowing that if you come back it might not be the same again. This place I took a photo of when there, as I didn't have the time to linger. But whilst sketching free-hand from the photo I revisited the place. The process of sketching gives you that sense of escape and distance from everyday slog and lets you escape back to these places once again - so that they become forever yours.

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