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Broomholm Priory - Bacton - Norfolk Sky-line Pen, Ink & Watercolour

By Jamie Cooper, Jan 31 2019 04:44PM

What is left of the Priory at Bacton - Broomholme Priory - is now used for outbuildings and farm storage. Unfortunatley there is no access and the ruins can just be viewed from a pathway which runs alonside the field next to it. And the only glimpses are through gaps in the bushes and fencing.

Founded in 1113 by William de Glanville for monks of the order of Cluni, it was dedicated to St. Andrew. The priory was remarkable for its reputed possession of a 'little cross' said to have been made by St. Helena from part of the Saviour's cross where his hands and feet were nailed. The priory was one of the largest places of pilgrimage in East Anglia until 1536 when Henry VIII dissolved the monastries.

The ‘Cross of Our Lord’ brought prosperity to Bromholm upon its arrival in 1223. Soon afterwards ‘Divine Miracles’ began to occur. According to Capgrave, nineteen blind men had their sight restored and thirty-nine men were raised from the dead by the power of the cross. Such miracles brought fame across the known world and Bromholm became a focus for Pilgrims.

The Paston family, (famous for the "Ordinary" or "Paston Letters"), were also patrons of the Priory. Sir John Paston, upon his death in 1466, was brought from London to Bromholm to be buried amid much pomp and ceremony.

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