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Norfolk Sky-line - Black Ink, Dip Pen & Watercolour: The Bent Tree

By Jamie Cooper, Jan 26 2019 04:41PM

Sometimes simplicity speaks louder than too much work and creates more excitement. For those - like me - who have spent many hours of their lives traipsing about the Countryside and wondering about the story behind some anomaly. There are a lot of crooked trees in the Norfolk landscape(s) which have been bent over due to the wind from the coast. But this one isn't one of those. More likely broken somehow or could even have been struck by lightning - I doubt that though as lightning trees are often more fractured. - Someone once crashed their tractor into it at an earlier stage in it's growth? Maybe that. The locals may tell you a yarn about how a German Parachutist once landed in it and was taken prisoner by pitch-fork weilding farm-hands. But unfortunately - most villages don't have locals anymore as they can't afford the exuberant cost of the houses.

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