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Norfolk Sky-line: Morning Mist

By Jamie Cooper, Mar 5 2020 09:03PM

At first glance there appears to be very little pen & ink work in this drawing - over a watercolour background. But looks can be deceiving sometimes. The main tree and mid-line, is ink applied by a dip-pen. The background trees are done using the same dip-pen & black ink but a lighter touch. The extremities of these almost lightly stippled & then the line slightly longer as their bases fade into the mist. The foreground soil effect is made up from layers using pen lines and splattered ink from an old toothbrush. The birds are there becasue this splatter slightly backfired and so I created them out of the spots. Then a piece of tissues was lightly wiped over the surface before the ink on the ground had finished drying. In all there is probably more ink in this picture than the watercolour which underlays it.

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