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Plein air sketching at my favourite (secret) wood

By Jamie Cooper, Oct 17 2017 02:26PM

So today the weather has been lovely, despite all the dire warnings about heavy gusts in Norfolk from Hurricane Ophelia. So I decided to take myself out for some sketching. There is a wood close by to North Walsham, which is a great place to escape to. And though it is public, it is very little used or known about.

I got there at around 12 and trekked a little way into the wood, off the beaten track a little (getting a bit cut & scratched by thorns) and set up my easel.

The first painting was a dip-pen sketch on 140lb watercolour paper tree study.

Tree 1 on 140lb Cold Pressed W/C paper 14 x 14  inches
Tree 1 on 140lb Cold Pressed W/C paper 14 x 14 inches

This I then washed in with Watercolour and added more pen as needed.

Sketch 2 was larger 20 x 16 inches paper 140lb cold-pressed again. Neither paper had been stretched but worked still in the pad and both on the easel whlst standing.

Sketch 2 finished state
Sketch 2 finished state

A s it is such a great kept secret there was only one disturbance with a dog walker.

The great thing also about getting out to paint is that as an adult it is only one of the few times you can go scrambling about through bushes. Normally this sort of behaviour is reserved for adults if; you have kids, are walking a dog or doing some sort of convservation work. However, if you have an easel in your hand, it gives you carte-blanche to do some really crazy things. People still think that you're a bit of a wierdo - but the safe sort of weird!

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