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Triningham, Gimigham and Trunch, three little villages all in a bunch...

By Jamie Cooper, Feb 5 2017 06:48PM

Lovely afternoon so I took the opportunity to get out for a walk and do some sketching. I have had a real problem with one of my knees lately and so wasn't going to over-do things and end up limping again.

Brief and rough drawing of where I went
Brief and rough drawing of where I went

Firstly I drove to Mundesley and parked in the central (free) car park. With a few drawing implements and camera In a light rucksack (which doubles as a stool), flung over my shoulder I headed off up the old Station Road towards the Hospital and golf course. The footpath crossing the fields to Gimingham is a pretty and pleasant jaunt. Halfway across one field and I sat on my stool and decided to do a quick 10 minute sketch of Trunch Church in the distance.

At Gimigham the weather had brightened further. In his front garden – what I took to be a local waved, I said afternoon and he bellowed in a very broad Yorkshire accent 'It's a Champion day – don' thou agree?' So obviously not so local after all.

From Gimingham I turned left down the quiet lanes towards Trimingham. On the lanes there coming across an old brick and flint barn which I decided to sketch.

Going on I crossed some fields which have and amazing railway footbridge in the middle of the field. I say amazing as there is absolutely no sign of the old railway cutting which once would have gone under it. This has been filled in and the land around ploughed – so it just seems like someone has built a bridge in the middle of a field. Two things to mention: I found a great bicycle pump here in the undergrowth. Obviously been there a while but with a clean up it worked fine; secondly, the other side of the bridge a hare was really close to me and seemed oblivious of my presence, Then I realised why – it was blind. Probably myxomatosis??

The footpath took me to Trimingham where I walked along a dead end path to the edge of the cliffs.

Here I did sketch no 3 of a house at the edge of the world.

No more sketching I walked back along the coast path, cutting back to the clifftops where permissible, and possible, until getting back to Mundesley behind the church on the cliffs and thence back to the car park as it got dark.

Hopefully, if my knees allow then I want to have many more trips out sketching this year!

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