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By Jamie Cooper, Mar 15 2016 10:39PM

I will be running a pen drawing course in North Walsham on Monday 21st March from 11 am until 3.30pm. This will be an introductory course covering some of the basics of drawing using ink and dip pens. Teas and coffees will be provided but it may be advisable to bring along a packed lunch. All materials for the course will be provided for use during the day. The cost for the course is £25.

All welcome, there are a couple of free placesbut I would need to know in advance if you wish to come along. email me at info@unknownnorfolk.co.uk or telephone in the early evening on 01692 402371.

By Jamie Cooper, Feb 13 2016 07:14PM

A young lad came into the studio a couple of weeks ago and asked me to do him a picture of a snarling wolf. I sort of took him on his word that he would return for it and got it done this week. He helped restore a little more faith in human nature (for me), as he returned this morning and paid for the picture.

He seemed pleased with the results. I used a dip pen and ink with dry brush gouache on A3, 140 lb watercolour paper. .

By Jamie Cooper, Dec 15 2015 10:14PM

It was a dull damp and misty day at Alby Crafts today. However, the spirits were lifted when artists June & Alwyn Crawshaw visited the Unknown Norfolk gallery, (where they have a few of their paintings for sale). They did the rounds and stopped for some delicious food within the warm embrace of the café. Both really enjoyed the day out, and gave their approval to Alby as a place for inspiration. I don't think that it will be long before they come again.

By Jamie Cooper, Dec 9 2015 06:12PM

Quick Sketch done today at Alby 1
Quick Sketch done today at Alby 1

Subject to numbers and agreed times, Unknown Norfolk will be offering introduction to pen & ink drawing and sketching courses. If interested, please email Jamie Cooper at info@unknownnorfolk.co.uk, or call 01692 402371 (evenings only).

Quick Sketch done today at Alby 2
Quick Sketch done today at Alby 2

Quick Sketch done today at Alby 3
Quick Sketch done today at Alby 3

Quick Sketch done today at Alby 4
Quick Sketch done today at Alby 4

By Jamie Cooper, Oct 29 2015 09:17AM

This morning I dragged myself out of bed early to take the dog out and paint in the fields.

I tried to capture the morning light over Honning church. I was succeeding - until my dog decided to take a hike and I had to go and search for him.

Towards Honning (not Horning) church
Towards Honning (not Horning) church

Found him eventually - covered in mud.

By Jamie Cooper, Oct 28 2015 09:34AM

Out in Bacton woods this morning and dashed this off. Trouble is that it started raining as soon as I started. Although oil paints don't mix with the water it makes your surface and brushes slimy to use. The oil paint clogged a lot. I probaly should have started out with really thinned out washes with turps first.

Still - you can just make out that there are trees here.

I was in the middle of nowhere and just as I was packing up a hoard of dog walkers came trundling by. My dog was good mannered - as always (well mostly anyway).

Now off to Alby Crafts to open my gallery.

By Jamie Cooper, Oct 23 2015 05:12PM

This morning - before going to my studio/gallery at Alby Craft Centre I popped out to do an outside painting (en plein air - for the french and posh amongst us). Just down the road to Ebridge Mill - which I have painted and sketched many times previously.

Ebridge Mill from Bacton Woods
Ebridge Mill from Bacton Woods

I had planned to use a more recently purchased pochade box which is an antique and so takes peculiar - no longer used size boards. Having planned the night before I had cut down a couple of Rowney 8 x 10 inch boards by taking 1/2 inch off each side. Then this morning - for some strange reason had decided to put a raw sienna acrylic wash over them. Being a damp morning they still hadn't dried and after frantically looking for my hairdryer (never been used on hair - just paintings), I decided to whip the two boards under the grill for a split second. WARNING - DON'T try this at Home! Within a second both boards had buckled. This being the case I had to find and take out my old trustee pochade and use one of my cut and prepared hardboard surfaces.

Therefore - my excuses for the results include, my running late. This is my first outside oil in a while.

P.S. If one of the ladies of the house could return my hairdryer I would much appreciate it.

By Jamie Cooper, Oct 12 2015 05:05PM

North Walsham artist Jamie Cooper was visited by Peter Herring of East Anglian Children's Hospice (EACH) to pick up a painting for the charities Love Art appeal. The appeal is being run as a competition by EACH to promote and raise funds for the Nook which is a support complex planned to be built in 5 acres of idyllic woodland near Framlingham Pigot, just south of Norwich.

As well as the competition, EACH are asking local artists to donate artwork to the appeal. It was this call-to-action that Jamie was responding to. The competition runs until the 1st November and artists can find further information on the website at www.each.org.uk/the-nook/events/details/loveart-competition.

Jamie Cooper opened his gallery/studio at Alby Craft Centre earlier this month. He said, 'When I saw the appeal was running I thought that I had a painting I could spare. I have previously taken part in 3 dragon boat races to raise money for EACH and organised and submitted a team when I used to work at EAGIT Ltd. (East Anglian Group Industrial Training). It's a charity which seems to get things done and I am pleased to be able to help.

By Jamie Cooper, Sep 14 2015 08:01PM

Unknown Norfolk are opening a gallery and studio at No. 7, Alby Craft Centre. This is a converted outbuilding in the lower courtyard at the Centre. Final touches are just being made to the gallery and if all goes well then it will be open tomorrow morning at 10 am (Tuesday 15th September).

On display and for sale will be an eclectic mix of professional paintings and objects of art and quirky collectables. It is hoped that there will be something for all tastes and a place to browse and see some great art works. You will be able to view and purchase original works of art from local artists including Alwyn and June Crawshaw, James Wright Jason Partner and Jack Cox, amongst others. Alwyn and June, who both live in Mundesley, are known in this country and globally for their inspirational TV art shows and books. They both have agreed to support the gallery by supplying works of art on a regular basis.

In the studio portion of the gallery Jamie Cooper will be producing further original work and carrying out commissions, as well as being on hand to assist.

By Jamie Cooper, Aug 25 2015 10:28AM

I picked up another load of local pictures yesterday and this one of the pupils and staff at Bracondale school was amongst them.

It is really great that they managed to get the whole school together - or possibly just one year? At my school the mot they ever did was class photos - of which we were always too poor to purchase.

I have included some more photos below so that you can see if you know anyone there.

The picture is very long and in excellent condition. I will be listing this for sale at £50 in my shop if interested? Due to the length ad fragility of the glass it will be buyer collect only, from North Walsham.

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