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By Jamie Cooper, Aug 9 2019 01:03PM

I sometimes feel that I have achieved a reasonable pen & ink sketch if there are areas of light where the eye can rest. Some pen & inks I find too busy and too dark to be interesting. I, personally, feel that there needs to be space within a picture.

By Jamie Cooper, Aug 1 2019 11:38AM

My first Woodland sketch since my recent army squad reunion. I was worried that I had limited brain capacity left for such endeavours! Dip pen & black ink, a little use of biro, and watercolour wash over the drawing.

By Jamie Cooper, Jul 11 2019 02:06PM

West Somerton - a place where the Norfolk Broads comes close to touching the sea. Dip-pen & ink on 140lb watercolour paper: 20 x 16 inches.

It's difficult to know when to finish with a drawing like this. I thought that I was finished around 5 times and then added to it. I am now considering whether to take out or lighten a couple of areas using a scalpel blade. Due to the nature of using dip-pen on watercolour paper the texture of the paper sometimes means there are splodges - even with a fine paper like this. I will ponder this over the next few days.

By Jamie Cooper, Jul 5 2019 03:44PM

I was interrupted half way through this one and couldn't get back into it so well. Up till that point it was going ok. Not sure whether I achieved the effect that I set out to - but learnt a few things on the way again and so maybe improve next time.

By Jamie Cooper, Jun 28 2019 03:23PM

This is more the sort of effect I was aiming for with my earlier woodland sketch. I'll keep practising!

By Jamie Cooper, Jun 28 2019 10:30AM

I learnt a lot doing this sketch and I feel that I will have to go on and do another - similar woodland sketch to reinforce what I learnt, and improve. I almost feel that I should do this sketch again as it incorporates loads of mistakes, but doing a different albeit, similar sketch now would suit my learning style - which does tend to give in to boredom albeit. The beauty of it all is in the learning curve, which I appreciate now more than ever before. Learning to improve is far better than screwing-up and then giving-up! .

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